The Unholy Courtship

This is a timely must read. In car you’re wondering how far is too far or how close is too close, this is for you.

Kingdom Business

When I became saved I decided that I wouldn’t kiss my husband until my wedding day. Personally, I was Christ’s bride and therefore kissing my husband was a privilege kept only for marriage when God handed me over. When I met my potential life partner I was so deeply in love with God that I even asked him to cease all communication with me for 7 months so that I could concentrate on Jesus and deepen in my intimacy with Him. After 5 months we felt it was sufficient to speak again and pursue a pure and Godly courtship,
so we thought.

The problem was that because of how we had prioritised God whilst we were single, our flesh now prided itselfon the idea that we were now invincible from falling. We convinced ourselves that we were so intimate with God that nothing could trip us up…

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Wield your sword


Est 9:2
2 The Jews gathered in their cities throughout all the provinces of King Ahasuerus to lay hands on those who sought their harm. And no one could stand against them, for the fear of them had fallen on all peoples.

I was reading the ninth chapter of the book of Esther a while ago and this verse got me thinking. Why where the people suddenly scared of the Jews? Ever wondered that? I mean if the Jews where so “scary”, why mess with them in the first place? Then I got an answer. The Jews only just became scary and it was all because they where permitted to defend themselves! That simple “order” changed history! Now you and I don’t know any King Ahaserus in this day (please comment if you find one) and we also don’t know any real life Hamman haunting us but we still have battles to fight.
Let’s say Jesus Christ is King Ahaserus. That means in the faith we so boldly confess, we have been given permission by Jesus Christ to defend ourselves!

Eph 6:17
17 and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God,

So the question now is, why don’t we use it? Do we think that it’s enough to just have an armoury? No, its not enough! We gotta make use of every weapon at our disposal and glory be to God, we have an inexhaustible collection!

2Pe 1:3
3 His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence,

It is only through the knowledge of Christ that we have access to this blessed armoury. Knowledge, my friends! The devil knows our strengths but the reason he attacks us still is because of one more thing he knows – our ignorance! So you see, the devil knows things and we don’t. Not anymore! When we lay claims to our rights in Christ the devil will cower. He will not flee unless you resist. People feared the Jews when they could defend themselves and not a moment before. It’s like they thought to themselves, ” If the Jews pick up a weapon, we’re dead! ” They knew all along how deadly the Jews were but the Jews weren’t wielding their weapons. It is not enough


have a sword if you don’t use it. Don’t let your authority over the devil and your rights in the kingdom gather dust. Use it, wield it. Resist the devil and he will flee!!!

Musings of a broken pitcher #2


Little girl, if your pitcher is broken, there’s a road uphill from here. I can’t say for a fact if its paved or not but I am sure where it leads. The Potter’s house is at the top. When you get there, the password is ‘Father, I need you’. You’ve got to let him mend you just like he always does me.

Little girl, when he mends you he leaves instructions on how not be broken again. Take them and live by them.

Little girl, the Potter is kind. I know him. The potter understands, trust him. The potter cares, show him. All the crack lines, all the scars. He sees them but Oh little girl! the Potter is gentle. He will only go as far as you let him. The Potter is an expert, all kind of vessels get mended and made in his hands.

Little girl, did you know that the Potter made you? He was there at your birth and when you took your first steps too or didn’t Mama tell you? I’ll tell you all about it soon.

Little girl, you need a fountain. Not a puddle but a fountain. The potter happens to be the best one I know so I’ll recommend him to you. I’ll write you prescription slip. You be sure to take the medicine. I have to say, they’re very addictive. Go on, be a junkie. The potter likes that. His house is a pharmacy and His words are pills. These pills don’t numb, they relieve. They’re my favorite. I’ll see you at the Potter’s house, wont I? I’ll see you there because I live there.
Little girl, did I tell you that the Potter is my dad? He adopted me a few years ago.

Musings of a broken pitcher #1


I should be musing, at least. But I can’t seem to think a straight thought so how am I gonna translate it to you?
Have you ever been afraid of tears? Yes? No? Well, I am. It takes a lot of work to piece my heart together and stop the water works so I rather not indulge you.
Where do I begin?

Little girl, don’t give up your heart – to guys with brown eyes and laugh lines. With guitar fingers and kind smiles. Don’t submit to a love that’s enough when you can get more than enough. You deserve more than enough. Take good care of yourself, please do. No one else might.
Make choices, now!!! If you don’t, they’ll make themselves. You are not responsible for all that people feel and the choices they make.
You’re not alone, you never are.

There’s nothing wrong with broken pitchers as long as they return to the potters house. But little girl, pitchers are better off not broken. The water they hold saves lives. When they break, their capacity to hold becomes smaller. In time, you’ll realise how much bigger you want to be and how much water you’d love to hold. A full pitcher is lovely I tell you. My best days are those ones when I’m full.

People might be attracted to a cracked pitcher because the lines would probably look like an art work, but people also thirst and when they do, they expect a pitcher to have water. They drink what they find and when they stop finding, they go. That doesn’t make them bad people. Your pitcher is leaking, that’s all. It couldn’t hold more even if it wanted to.

Read your Bible.

There’s a beauty that lies within, inherent in all of us. Do we see it? Do we feel it? None of that matters because it’s there all the same. What we do with it is dependent on our knowledge of its existence and its potency.
Now, all of that knowledge is found in the Bible. Yes, the bible. That big or small book that contains all of God’s promises for us. Yes, the one we neglect, abandon and leave dusty on a shelf. The one that has been placed in our medical cabinets and we run to when and only when we’re sick. It wasn’t intended for that, you know. It’s life and life is lived out everyday. It’s hope and what’s a day without hope? It’s love. What’s a world without love? It’s peace. No inner or outer war nor battle can escape it. It is not a negligible factor, not a just list of do’s and dont’s. It is active, efficient and ever ready, ever present. Read your Bible today to save a life. Your life.
Jos 1:8
8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

My feet of lead


I am standing here. Its like I’m stuck, yet I can move my legs. I know what I ought to do but I cant move towards it.

I sigh, I take a deep breath, I let it all out – still, I don’t take a step. I know what I should do but I’m still here, stuck without glue.

I think I’m at the end of the line. ‘ I’m going to do it this time’, I say. But I stand here, pulling time. I know what I should do, I really do – just not now.

I constantly remind myself of today’s to-do list, I can see it…it’s like a yes or no button but this time the default button ought to be yes. Push it, i think- push it, i don’t. My fingers feel numb, my body overridden. I know what to do, i always do but i’m just not doing it!!!

That procrastination – it pulls you, you pull time. Time comes, time goes but you stay on the same spot. The spot where everything-else-but-nothing really matters. Your mind is moving,but your feet are lead.

Here – take a stand, lift the legs. Push the weight, take that step. There, it’s all done.